Heres what our reps are saying about World Choice:

John B. (Owns a P&C agency south of San Antonio, TX)

"Ross, I would recommend World Choice because you never feel like a number. Someone always takes the time to answer the phone and answer your questions. World Choice takes care of me like I like to take care of my customers. Great place to do business."

Rick B. (Very good at estate affairs. Works in the Senior Market.)

"Very easy to deal with, and very quick in reviewing marketing materials going out the door."

Tom S. (Has summer office in New York and winter office in Florida. Good financial planner.)

"The service at World Choice is personalized and the staff makes you feel as if you count. For the truly independent professional that provides a high level of quality service to his or her clients, World Choice is a very good fit."

Angela F. (She took over her fathers P&C business of 40 years in Utah)

"For a smaller BD they have been extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. Being independent with them has been a great experience."

Carroll E. (Came from Edward Jones)

"The office management and personnel are extremely professional, ethical and helpful. My transition from working for a firm to working as an independent would not have been as smooth if it were not for Theresa Montya and Ross Morris. The family-like nature and guidance they provided has been the very best I have ever received. The positive attitude and support have been an encouragement and incentive to have the confidence in moving forward. Thank you Muchas gracias!"

Daniel K. (Came from a large financial planning BD. Daniel took three months to make his decision.)

"I would recommend World Choice because they are there for you and your clients; because they are honest and ethical; because they are helpful, but not intrusive."

Amer H. (Primarily in the health insurance business)

"Great service and I feel confident that they help me keep in compliance and out of trouble. Great ethics."

Ken J. (Recently retired from being a pharmacist)

"I came to World Choice from a larger BD. Here there is excellent choice of products, excellent office support, excellent compliance information. Very good office support and compliance information."

David L.

"I came from a rigid, stuffy insurance company BD. I work with clients who are in or near retirement. World Choice gives me a wide array of products and excellent service. I needed a B/D that really understood the importance of being independent and serving the best interest of my clients. World Choice has been great, easy to work with and very professional."

Annette S. (Office support for Texas OSJ office)

"World Choice's outstanding point is that of an "Open Door policy," and help with business development. I like being independent and their commission schedule."

Peter C. (Our Rep in Florida wrote this letter. He took over a year to make his decision.)

"Dear World Choice Securities,

I am writing to you with gratitude.

I began my career in 1994 as a financial planner with American Express Financial Advisors. I can honestly say I didn't fit their mold, as I attempted to grow my practice under their roof for the next six years. My expectations of Amex were not met in the least. Talk about cold, corporate burocracy with limitations on personal and professional growth. I knew it wasn't where I belonged.

I transitioned into the independent world only to find further upset. Sloppy back room broker dealer operations lead to unsatisfied clients and me looking bad. The service I received was costly to say the least.

I hesitated making the transition to World Choice Securities for approximately one year. The fear of going from one frying pan into another was enough, not to mention the nightmare of transitioning my clients.

I am now happy to say, two years later, transitioning to WCS was the best business decision I have ever made. Not only was it the right decision for me, but for my clients. The value we receive is enormous.

The personal assistance, professionalism, ethics and service surpassed my greatest expectations. I thought it was a fluke, too good to be true and it wouldn't last but for a short time. Wow, was I wrong. The icing on the cake, was when I attended the annual compliance meeting for the first time. Everyone I spoke with at the meeting (and I mean everyone) had the same positive experience. It was common among the reps.

I can't speak highly enough about your corporate culture and team approach as it pertains to my career. The personal assistance, support and service provided to me and my staff is awesome. I can't thank the entire WCS team enough.

I recommend World Choice Securities to any rep "that deserves" your services. If anyone is considering your services and needs some honest feedback, have them to contact me at 239-214-6024. I'll be glad to share my experiences with them.

Keep up the good work! It changed my life."