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World Choice Securities, Inc. is a fully disclosed independent securities Broker Dealer, an Insurance Agency and a Registered Investment Advisor located in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas offering our Reps a high payout grid. Ever wondered about being an Independent Registered Rep? Already gone independent? As you know being independent gives you choices. As an advisor, you have the freedom to choose the perfect plan for your clients' unique needs; and just as important, the freedom to balance your career and your family life. We know that as a registered rep, insurance agent, or stockbroker, your business thrives on good relationships. So does ours. To us, your broker dealer, there is nothing more important than to serve you and build that relationship; you are our client. If you are with a "sponsored" Independent Broker Dealer, you aren't fully independent yet. When you register with World Choice Securities, Inc. you will discover a huge improvement. Experience the freedom to be a truly independent registered representative. Most reps wonder why they waited!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You take responsibility for your business and expect to be compensated accordingly.
  • You take care of your customers: you strive to provide the right products, the right advice and the best service and you expect the same outstanding support from your Broker Dealer.
  • You are a disciplined securities broker in your business practice: you set goals and work to achieve them. You expect the same discipline from the people you work with, especially your Broker Dealer.

If this describes you or you are not getting the kind of support and payout you think you deserve, then call World Choice Securities. We may be the right choice for you.

Call today: 1-888-897-2299 or fill out our short Contact Us form. We welcome your call!

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