Emergency Info

If this page is posted on our web site, it is there as part of our Business Continuity Plan and is being posted because we have had an emergency and cannot be reached by telephone or email at our regular office location. The emergency could be local (like a lightning storm interrupting our electric service) or it could be regional (like a 911 disaster). 

1.  If you have trade orders:

To place a buy or sell order you need to determine where your account is carried. Look at your most recent statement and;

  • If your statement is for a  COR Clearing brokerage account it will read World Choice Securities, Inc. on the top left, FROM YOUR INTRODUCING BROKER just below your address, and say CLEARED THROUGH: COR Clearing on the bottom. For COR Clearing accounts, you may call the trading desk in Omaha, NE direct. The number is 800-776-5778.
  • If your account is carried by a mutual fund company (like American Funds), by an insurance company (for variable annuities or life) or by another investment company (Wells Real Estate or Inland) you need to look at your statement, locate the 800-service number and call them direct.

2.  If you have other account service requests:

  • Look at your statement and call the service number provided, or
  • Call a World Choice Employee at their home number as given below.


3.  Employee home telephone numbers and email are:



Home Phone Number

E-Mail Address

Ross Morris

(903) 752-0525


Theresa Montya

(817) 280-0295


Sandy Moran

(817) 457-0453


Before you call in an emergency, please remember we will be very busy and will be dealing with the most urgent matters first.  If your need is not urgent, please postpone your call until we have had time to resolve our problem.  We appreciate your courtesy and will be back to normal as soon as possible.