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About Us

We Empower Independent Representatives!

World Choice is specifically designed for the independent, self-employed Rep... professionals who desire to be in business for themselves. We discovered early on that being independent is best. Our business is built with the single purpose of empowering our independent representatives. Our key positions are filled by people who have worked in the industry as commissioned reps. They've been where you are. They've had a chance to work in the sales environment and can empathize with the ups and downs of sales, the market and customer emotions. Many competitors started out with other revenue streams such as insurance, investment banking, bonds then added a sales force to "sell" those products. World Choice chose not to dilute our efforts in other revenue areas; we don't compete with you! We designed our company in a way that allows representatives to choose from a wide variety of financial solutions which gives you a chance to personalize options for each client. It's simple; you're an independent rep and you make the call.

Helping You Serve Your Clients and Build Your Future

Compliance that Works for You -- At World Choice we have intentionally placed people with a sales background in the compliance roles. While we will never jeopardize the safety of the firm or that of our reps we do bend over backward to help you accomplish what you are in business to do, serve your clients and build your future.

Freedom of Choice -- We don't pressure reps into sales of proprietary products or set sales quotas. At World Choice we expect our reps to make their own decisions, but we're always there when you need a sounding board. Whenever you need help with a compliance issue or a business or product question, you can call our office any time during business hours and you will talk to a real live person, not a phone system.

Your Business Style -- Whether you want your own OSJ or choose to be a soloist, whether you like the action of stock trading or you are a CPA offering financial solutions to your tax business clients, World Choice provides you with the flexibility to call your own game and build your business on your own terms.

History of World Choice Securities, Inc.

World Choice Securities, Inc. is a fully disclosed Broker/Dealer, an Insurance Agency and a Registered Investment Advisor. We specialize in offering our financial services and tools to seasoned financial industry professionals... those who have demonstrated their elite position with experience, knowledge level, character and expertise in the financial services business. Our belief is that the best professionals should get the best support and deserve the best contracts. We are a small firm with special attention to personal service. We like to make money, work hard and insist on keeping our atmosphere enjoyable.

The corporation was established September 10, 1992. On April 12, 1997, Ross Morris purchased the corporation and changed the name to World Choice Securities, Inc. and began providing services to independent representatives. This name was chosen to indicate our purpose of providing great choices (or definition of financial freedom) for clients, reps and our wonderful staff. Our way-of-doing-business is to establish long-term relationships between Representatives/Agents, Product Suppliers, Technology Providers and our Service Team. We are a long-term player.

Bio's on Key Personnel


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Robert Cargin

Licenses: Series 7, 4, 28, 24, 53, 65, 63, 79 -Undergraduate from Coe College in '86 and an MBA from Capital University in 1993.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Cargin has been involved in all facets of the securities industry through multiple roles in organizations including, independent broker-dealers, bank owned broker-dealer, and a wire-house firm. Starting out as an Account Executive in 1988, evolving to Compliance Officer, Trading Desk Manager, and Business Development with Community Banks, and most recently as B/D President, FINOP, and operating his Asset Management Company. Mr. Cargin's vision is to provide our representatives efficient and secure back-office support, industry leading workstation technology, clearance and execution services along with access to the products necessary to achieve success for their clients first and ultimately themselves. We're excited about the future.

The Dream Team

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Theresa Montya

Licenses: 7, 24, 53, 63, 65, Insurance, completed a two year financial planning curriculum at TCU. Theresa has been in the securities industry since 1999 and with World Choice since 2003. Her previous experience is with Edward Jones in sales and E*TRADE as a branch manager. Theresa's role at World Choice is in Management and Compliance. She understands the reps perspective and knows that our compliance is centered on what is best for the client. Her mission in compliance is to keep us all out-of-trouble and focused on our career goals.

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Sandy Moran

Sandy started in early 1999 with World Choice and has been a key person in the growth and development of our company. She performs the duties of commission accounting, bookkeeping, preparing tax records, licensing, forms administration, and computer set-up/maintenance. She was born and raised in northern Indiana and relocated to Texas in 1982.

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Cathy Schwindt

Cathy has been at World Choice since 2000 and has 20 years of business office experience. She answers our phones, maintains files, handles the mail, does data entry and performs cold calling for prospective reps. Cathy is excellent with reps and customers and has become an integral part of our team.


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Ross Morris

Licenses: 7,24,53,63,65, Insurance, completed a BBA in Industrial Management from Texas Tech University and an Accounting Major from the University of Houston.

Ross is the Founder of World Choice Securities. His previous career includes experience as an Accountant/Controller (13 years Dresser, Ind.), Life Insurance Agent (5 years New York Life), Independent Financial Planner and Senior Manager at a Broker/Dealer. The skills developed in these jobs included sales, supervision, sales management, finance, marketing and leadership, Ross has been helping clients reach their financial objectives since 1987 and coaching representatives to help them meet their goals since 1992.

Our Business Philosophy

Providing the best investment choices to our reps and their customers is our commitment. There is one guiding principle by which we operate, and that is our customer's best interest comes first. By adhering to that rule, our own interests are best served in the long-run. We have no proprietary products. We are a service company and the ONLY way we can distinguish ourselves from our competition is by how we service our reps and their customers. Our search is for professionals who are looking for a Broker/Dealer relationship, not just a place to clear their business. World Choice Securities is a small boutique firm who gives attention to each representative on a personal level. We consider our role to be your "Strategic Partner" while helping you achieve your goals. Success is fun!

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